Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bathroom Part 2

Recently we were without our air conditioning in our apartment for a week and a half. It just also happened to be the hottest week so far in our area. We stuck it out during the week but my parents offered for us to come stay with them for a few days to get a break from the heat.

So we left Thursday night (since I am off on Friday's) and stayed through Sunday evening. I was not going to go home to the heat sooner than I had to.

Friday morning I got up and moving around and went into the bathroom. The roll was almost empty so I got under the cabinet and replaced it.

Later in the afternoon I went into the bathroom again and the roll was once again empty except for 2 squares. I was at first a little confused and then I was a little angry to think that my boys went through a whole roll of toilet paper in just a few hours....what were they doing with it? Eating it? Decorating?

Anyhow, I open the cabinet and reach for another roll and there isn't one there. Now I know that there was at least one more roll under there when I changed it earlier in the day. Where did it go? My boys were going to be in serious trouble if they went through 2 rolls!

So I turn around and the tissue box is also missing from the bathroom. Great! Now what? My parents have a large house and no one is going to hear me yell for paper. So there I sit listening for someone to come down the hallway...thinking I might have to drip dry.

Pretty soon my sidekick that never leaves my side comes wondering down the hall looking for me and I holler to Little S to tell grandma that there isn't any tissue in the bathroom.

When she came back and told me to use the cardboard, I thought ha ha...very funny.

I then learned that my dad had this planned all day. The first time I went in and it was almost empty, he had forgotten to remove the extra rolls from under the sink.

They all got a kick out of making fun of me. But sadly my dad had just left to go to the store and missed the whole thing play out.

I'm glad that I could make the family laugh :)


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Anonymous said...

Stacy, I won't take the heat alone, Mum, and MumMum were in on it too.... MumMum saved an empty roll for us to use..... It was all in fun and love. I have been on the other end and probably will be again. Hugs for being a good sport.