Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Name is Stacy and I am a Shoe-aholic!

Some people collect purses and change them out often, others have tons of clothes. My habit is shoes.

The other morning I was looking for a pair of black shoes to go with my outfit. I pulled out 5 different single black shoes out of the closet with out finding a match (yes my shoe closet is that out of control).

My hubby just didn't get it. He does not understand why I need 5 different pairs of black shoes. I tried to explain to him that they each served a different purpose and he proceeded to ask my why then I need so many pairs of sandals and why some were the same but in different colors.

He has probably 5 or 6 total pairs of shoes. Tennis shoes for work, boots for work, a pair of sandals, a pair of slippers and a pair of dress shoes.

I am sure most of you (especially the girls) will understand the need for 5 pairs of black shoes. Some are sandals, some are flats and some are heels. Yes that equals more than 5....I may have 5 pair in the shoe closet but I know I have at least 2 more pair in my bedroom.

And believe me I do not spend a lot on my shoes. I usually get them on sale or at the end of a season. I once paid $60 for a pair of good shoes for walking but mostly all of my shoes were purchased for under $15.

How many pairs of shoes are too many? Do you have several shoes in the same style but different colors?

If you don't get the 'shoe' thing, what do you have to buy?



Becca said...

I have lots of shoes, because I have really long feet. When I find them and they fit, I get more than one pair, and oh yeah, I love my Crocs! I also by an item in more than one color if I like the item. Hey when you are the fluffy chick I take deals where I can find them!

Crystal said...

I love shoes, but I am picky about them. My daughter on the other hand...at almost six she has WAY more shoes than I ever did. She LOVES them!! She wears them all too! I sometimes think she has more shoes than I do simply because I don't feel guilty when I buy something for her (and I do try to find them on sale). :)

Kathy - OK said...

I love love love shoes, and I get them cheap!! Love www.6pm.com