Monday, February 21, 2011


I was going to put this up for Valentine's Day, but I got so busy that weekend that I didn't get a chance to.

Every couple has little gestures that they use to show each other that they are loved. It may be something that he does for you without even thinking but you know that he does it because he loves you. Or it might be something she does intentionally every day that comforts you.

My hubby often falls asleep on the chair or couch in the living room. And then sometime in the night he wakes up and comes to bed. When he does he always turns the fan on which makes me cold. He knows I get cold so he always makes sure that I am covered up and tucked in when he comes in. I can't describe the comfort and love that I feel every time he does that for me.

What is something you or your spouse do for each other that shows your love without saying it?



The Gaelic Wife said...

Bringing each other coffee in the morning. By whomever got up first.

Crystal said...

My husband encourages a hot bubble bath when he knows I need the quiet time and I try to make sure he has a hot meal most nights since we works so hard to provide for us.

Of course, we tend to save "I love you" for certain times when we know it needs to be said. Instead we squeeze the other's hand or give a hug and say, "My baby." It's understood.

Laurel Doody said...

During the night I sometimes wake up and find him holding my hand while he sleeps

Tony said...

Barb makes sure I take my meds. I make sure she has the right coat on for the temp when she gets off of work. She asks if I want any of what she is having, (cookies, candy, etc). If we share something,(say pie) I make sure she gets the biggest piece. Then there is the mind,,,,,, For quite a few years it was uncanny.... She would think things and put them in my mind and visa versa. Now that is Scary!!!

Shannon said...

Tony puts toothpaste on my toothbrush- unless I put it on his first!

Becca said...

Mitch makes sure that I am tucked in and that he is right there when I am dizzy and lightheaded. Which is happening a lot these days..